The tiger mosquito has adapted to live in urban environments. The most important and effective measure is prevention, so you need to remove or protect all those places that could be ideal for tiger mosquito breeding .

At the public road

The tiger mosquito takes advantage of the spaces that collect rainwater or have poor drainage, and public sources, drains and especially stormwater drains. In these places there may be hundreds of larvae which then will adult mosquitoes.

Public authorities are responsible for detecting and control outbreaks breeding municipalities applying the necessary control measures.

Together we can facilitate detection of these spaces collecting data and sharing our findings. We can also contribute to a scientific study of dynamics of stormwater drains.

In addition, environmental or public health managers can also utilitzar this information to adapt control measures.

If you see a possible breeding site at the public road, take a photo and send it to the Mosquito Alert app

  • Stormwater drains

    Commonly-found repositories of stagnant water on public land.

  • L'aplicació Mosquito Alert.