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A team of experts validate your photos:

  • Send photos of tiger mosquito or yellow fever mosquito

  • Tell us if you see possible breeding sites

  • Validate photos from other participants

  • View or modify your observations on the map

  • Keep up to date with our notifications

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If you need help, we show you some tips to take useful photos


Validate photos from other participants

Now you can also help scientists to identify the the tiger mosquito or the yellow fever mosquito. Go to the “VALIDATE” button. You will see random photos and questions to answer.

It is easier than it seems!

Check the validation results in this map >

Get score!

  • The score on the yellow ball on the home of the app is calculated based on observations sent from both mosquitoes and breeding sites.
  • This score does not only depend on your activity, but also on that of other users.
  • The score ranges from 1 to 100 and is divided into the categories bronze (1-33), silver (33-66) and gold (66 to 100).
  • Once you register, you will already get the minimum score of 1.
  • When you send an observation the score rises, but when it is validated you can upload (if the observations are of “confirmed” or “possible” mosquitoes) or lower (if the photo can not be identified or has other categories).
  • The more good reports you send, the better you score.
  • Your score may drop if there are other people who send more observations than you. This is the competition!
  • A good way to get more points is to send observations from different locations, and the further away the better. If you can, move through the territory in search of tiger mosquito and yellow fever mosquito!