Your observations are important

How can you participate with Mosquito Alert?

  • Send photos of the tiger mosquito and the other species we are looking for

  • An international team of expert entomologists will validate your photos

  • Report the mosquito bites you receive

  • Learn to identify mosquitoes

  • Let us know if you see possible mosquito breeding sites on public roads

  • Check your observations on the map

  • Stay up to date with our notifications

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These are the species we are looking for

In the app you will find a guide to learn to identify them. Check the website to know the distribution, biology and diseases that each species can transmit.

How should a good photo be so that specialists can identify the species?

The most important thing is that in the picture one can appreciate the design of the thorax of the mosquito that allows experts to identify the species.

If you need help, we show you some tricks to take photos


Notify that you have been bitten by a mosquito

Are you one of those who think that you always get all mosquito bites, or of those who think that mosquitoes never bite you? Check in which group you are by keeping a record of the bites received. When you detect bites, indicate how many there are and in which part of the body you have been bitten.

Get points and level up!

Actions performed in Mosquito Alert are rewarded in the form of points. The quantity and quality of the observations determine the points obtained. The frequency of participation is also rewarded. As you accumulate points, they will rise in level and receive trophies. From the main screen you can see the ranking of users and check where your position.