Welcome to the Mosquito Alert Data Portal. Mosquito Alert Data Portal provides a single entry point for information compiled by Mosquito Alert. Its aim is to serve the needs of those seeking detailed information on updated time series data collected by Mosquito Alert.

The Portal provides detailed metadata descriptions of the datasets and data access examples by Phyton scripts. You can create your own queries.

The Mosquito Alert Data Portal has implemented a data management system based on FAIR principles, to generate findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable data.

The currently available datasets are:

  • Mosquito Alert reports, yearly reports of bites, breeding sites and adult mosquito encounters

  • Tigapics, pictures of adul mosquitoes and breeding sites, with classification labels for Machine Learning training proposes

  • Sampling effort, daily participant counts and sampling effort in 0.025 and 0.025 degree lon/lat sampling cells

  • Model tables, with the results from the Bayesian multilevel model that feed the Mosquito Alert raster maps, models are based on observations received for a month in previous years and updated weekly with data for the current year, calculations take into account the sampling effort