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We encourage experimentation and awaken scientific vocations

The educational program of Mosquito Alert is developed in several sessions of a total of 10 hours, following the methodology of work by projects in schools. The objective is to encourage participation in citizen science among young people and to reach areas where there are few notices of tiger mosquitoes or their breeding places through the Mosquito Alert app.

The educational project was launched in 2017 together with the Xatrac Environmental Association and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology FECYT.


Final products

Of all the final products produced by the students of each center during the 2017-2018 academic year, we have chosen the best of each type (video, triptych / brochure, poster and Prezi presentation).

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Our activities for general public

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Fight against mosquito-borne diseases!

Download the Mosquito Alert app and if you see a tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito or their breeding sites send a photo.

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