Mosquito Alert complements the scientific work of universities and experts and consolidates itself as an example of citizen science at an international level

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What we do

 Citizen observations are useful for scientists in studying the distribution and spread of these mosquitoes

The scientific work of Mosquito Alert focuses on the development of predictive methods and models that combine citizen data with data from other authoritative sources, such as monitoring or control entities, universities, etc. These models are key tools in public health management to assess the risk of the presence of arboviruses. In addition, Mosquito Alert develops tools and studies the dynamics that are generated in citizen science processes.


We are opened to scientific collaborations to enrich our research

If you are a scientist from any area related to Mosquito Alert, you can help us to:


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Fight against mosquito-borne diseases!

Download the Mosquito Alert app and if you see a tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito or their breeding sites send a photo.

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