The Madrid region is still tiger mosquito-free

The summer vigilance program initiated by the Directorate General of Public Health of the Community of Madrid, which included 38 sampling areas, ended this year with the conclusion that the tiger mosquito is not present in the region. From July to October 17th 2016 the Directorate General of Public Health of the Ministry of Health […]

Frederic Bartumeus, director de Mosquito Alert.

Cambio climático, globalización y mosquito tigre en el nuevo programa “DEUWATTS” de Barcelona Televisió

El cambio climático y la globalización han afectado nuestra calidad de vida. Como sociedad tenemos que ir adaptándonos a la subida de temperaturas, los cambios en el paisaje y la llegada de nuevas especies procedentes de otros continentes. Todo esto y mucho más, lo podéis ver en el primer capítulo del programa “DEUWATTS”, producido por […]

Manual Europeu de la Informació Geogràfica Col·laborativa

Available the “European Handbook of Crowdsourced Geographic Information”, with the participation of Mosquito Alert

Aitana Oltra, Frederic Bartumeus and John Palmer, coordinators of the Mosquito Alert platform, have written one of the chapters which highlights the potential of citizen science to study the presence and the expansion of invasive species and vectors of diseases.   The book has been edited by members of the COST action “ENERGIC” (European Network Exploring Research into […]

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Help us to detect stowaway mosquitos!

Have you seen a tiger mosquito inside your car or other vehicle? Make it a photo, send it to the Mosquito Alert app and add the hashtag #coche. You can also tell us how far you’ve travelled when you saw the mosquito. We explain you how to do it below!   We are receiving some […]

Foto: Saskia Heijltjes (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Every summer it’s the same story. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on a terrace, playing volleyball, taking a walk, or trying to sleep. Without noticing even the slightest touch on your arms or legs, the infamous red rashes appear. Then is when the worst moment arrives: you begin to itch like crazy and […]