The European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) will hold its annual meeting in Barcelona the 28th-30th October. will be one of the featured citizen science projects during the event.



More than one hundred scientists and experts from Europe, the United States, and Australia will meet in Barcelona for the Third General Assembly of the European Citizen Science Association. The meeting aims to give exposure to different citizen science projects being carried out in Barcelona, and identify the biggest immediate challenges faced by this new field which seeks to reimagine the way we see science.

The annual meeting is organized by the research group OpenSystems from the University of Barcelona and the Citizen Science Office of Barcelona Lab and the Barcelona City Hall Institute for Culture (ICUB).

The meeting is also organized with the active participation of ECSA members, including Frederic Bartumeus, ICREA professor and associated CREAF researcher who works from the Blances Centre for Advanced Studies (CEAB-CSIC) and is director of the citizen science project Mosquito Alert.

The conference activities will take place the Museo Blau (Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona) and the Design Museum (Diseño Hub). Highlighted among the activities is the “Barcelona Citizen Science Safari” which will take place on Wednesday the 28th of October. During the afternoon, a route throughout the city will involve participants in practical demonstrations of 10 citizen science projects which are locally active. In this route, team members will introduce participants to Tigatrapp, the tool used by citizens participating in the project.

A new scientific culture

Citizen science is currently a hot topic, involving getting the general public engaged in activities of scientific research. Citizens actively contribute to research either with intellectual efforts, their own knowledge, tools or resources. With this meeting, Barcelona positions itself as an exemplary Southern Europe hub for the field of citizen science.

About the ECSA

The ECSA represents a network of citizen science projects, research institutes, universities, museums, and other organizations and individuals from over 20 EU countries, Switzerland, and the United States. Its members work together with the objective of connecting citizens and science via active participation.