Bring your mobile phone, discover tips and build your own tools to take macrophotos of mosquitos and do citizen science

You will have the opportunity to build your own macro photography tools for mobile phones, tablets or cameras. You will discover tips to photograph mosquitoes to the smallest detail, playing with the lighting or lenses and try it with real samples of tiger mosquito and other insects. You will have the help of Mosquito Alert and the biologist expert in nature photography Rubén Duro.

After doing this workshop you will be ready to send the best photos of tiger mosquitos with the citizen science app Mosquito Alert.

  • Free entrace
  • Limited inscriptions! Send an email at
  • Bring your mobile phone, tablet or camera
  • Addresses to adults older than 14. Students under 12 must come with an adult.

This workshop is financed by FECYT (Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología)