Every time that you send a sighting with the app you will receive a response message thanking you for your contribution; this way, you will know that your data have been sent successfully. In the “My Map” section of the app you can see all of the data that you have sent and even change them (with the possibility to delete or edit content) if necessary.

Depending on the place or country of origin of the sighting, your data and photos will be validated by certain citizens and/or expert entomologists. The result of this validation will be publicly available on the Mosquito Alert map, and it is there that you will be able to see your observation point. We are currently developing a system which will send the result of this validation directly to your mobile device. Depending on the volume of data received, your observation point and the validation may not be available on the map for a number of hours or up to a day or two.

Remember that your sighting will only be validated if a photo is attached. If there is no photo, the sighting will appear in the map but without validation. Reports containing images not related to mosquito or breeding site sightings, such as pictures of bites, will not appear in the map or be validated.