The free Mosquito Alert app can be easily downloaded from Google Play and App store.

Once the app is installed on your mobile device, we suggest that you consult information on the website or directly in the app in order to familiarize yourself with these mosquitos and understand the tips and tricks which will help you send useful information; following our guidelines will make it much easier to trap the mosquitos and take good photos.

If you see a mosquito and you think that it may be a tiger mosquito or yellow fever mosquito, you must select the option “urban Aedes.” In the app, you will be asked to answer three questions describing your mosquito, select the area where found, and add a photo if possible.

You can also send sightings of possible breeding sites; this is particularly encouraged if the sites correspond to public areas or water drains. In order to do this, from the main menu of the app you must select the button “breeding site” and fill in the necessary information.

All of the reports that you send are saved in the “My Map” section of the app. There, you can see and even modify the information that you have sent. In the “gallery” section you can find a guide with photos to help you identify the mosquitos.