Last 14th November the ICREA researcher Frederic Bartumeus participated in a conversation organized by the CCCB “New climate, new diseases?”. Together with the researcher Xavier Rodó of the ISGlobal Institute, they highlighted how climate change could favor the emergence of new diseases and their vectors, such as insects. The conversation was moderated by the journalist Mercè Folch.


The two ICREA researchers spoke on the role of climate change in the emergence and spread of infectious diseases. Bartumeus explained how public participation through Mosquito Alert can contribute to the development of scientific studies to study the tiger mosquito. At the same time, these studies also serve to estimate the risk of transmission of the diseases that this invasive insect can transmit. The conversation ““Nou clima, noves malalties?” (new climate, new diseases) is an activity that belongs to the exhibition “Després de la fi del món” (after the end of the world) of the current planet irreversibly transformed.

View the whole video of the conversation by clicking on the image or here: