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20th E-SOVE Conference

From octubre 3, 2016 to octubre 7, 2016

When vectors collide with cultures: “anthropo-vector ecology”, who is controlling who?

These past decades have played an enormous role in discovering new aspects on vector ecology, genetics and genomics of vectors and pathogens they transmit, advance technologies on vector control, impact of climate changes, pancontinental vector dispersal and many others. Moreover, the development of new tools for vector surveillance & control is also contributing to the reduction of vector populations and pathogen transmission. The scientific community is also casting light on the importance of defining gaps and needs in medical and veterinary entomology via collaborative projects on a global basis therefore strengthening our networking activities.

But what about the role of social science, anthropology, communication and many other disciplines? How do these factors interact with our fight against vectors? Are vector treatments by professionals in the field more sustainable than citizen participation? Are we using the right language and message to engage communities with science affecting our daily lives? This year´s conference will draw attention to the impact and importance of vectors and vector –borne diseases on landscapes inhabited by human beings and how to make this paradigm most effective to benefit public health.

Monday 3rd Oct (Dr. Frederic Bartumeus)
Session 01 «Citizen science and social approaches on vector control».
‘Citizen Science Against Globalized Mosquito-Borne Diseases’

Tuesday 4th (Dr. Roger Eritja)
Session 02 «Ecology and behaviour of vectors».
‘The hitch-hiking tiger: first experimental study on the passive transportation of Aedes albopictus by cars’



E-SOVE European Society for Vector Ecology


Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria, Universidade de Lisboa
Lisboa, Portugal + Google Map