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Smarter Crowdsourcing for Zika – online conference

Lack of access to reliable and real-time information about outbreaks and their spread, environmental risk factors, and other clinical data prevent officials from detecting outbreaks earlier, leads to new endemic areas, and makes  planning and allocating resources difficult.  

Enhancing information access is crucial for increasing prevention and preparedness, especially given the absence of vaccines against viral diseases such as Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya. Policy makers use such information to track implementation of health policies and programs; epidemiologists and researchers to help with treatments and prevention investigations; media and advocacy groups to obtain accurate information for use in raising awareness of health issues; and even businesses to support the delivery of health-related products and services.

There are three major components of Mosquito Borne Disease (MBD) information collection: disease surveillance (tracking individual outbreaks of symptoms such as Dengue fever), vector surveillance (tracking the responsible for transmission of the disease, Ae.aegypti), and monitoring environmental and social risks (tracking factors that can exacerbate outbreaks).


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