Have you seen a tiger mosquito inside your car or other vehicle? Make it a photo, send it to the Mosquito Alert app and add the hashtag #coche. You can also tell us how far you’ve travelled when you saw the mosquito. We explain you how to do it below!

Mosquitos tigre dentro de los coches. Foto: participantes de Mosquito Alert

Tiger mosquitos insed the car. Photos: participants of Mosquito Alert


We are receiving some pictures of tiger mosquitoes inside vehicles. These mosquitoes could have travelled hundreds or thousands of kilometers using our vehicles. It seems that these insects are attracted by the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we accumulate and breathe inside the car. In addition, like the warm atmosphere and dark seats.

We need to keep in mind that these mosquitoes that can transmit diseases and if they disperse the public health risk is higher. That’s why we need your help to learn more about the process of invasion of Aedes albopictus in the Iberic Peninsula. If you find a tiger mosquito inside a vehicle, make a photo and send it to the Mosquito Alert app.


VERY IMPORTANT: don’t use the mobile phone while driving. Ask your co-driver or do it when the car is stopped.


Follow the steps:


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