Fumigation is a tool that is only used in specific cases when the situation due to invasion of tiger mosquito is very serious. It is a practice regulated by a legal protocol and the European Community is preparing its prohibition for several reasons.

On the one hand, the chemicals that are used to fumigate are toxic to people. In addition, when applied, evacuate the area and keep it insulated for 24 hours so it does not pose a health risk. On the other hand, it has not been shown to be a very sustainable option, since its effectiveness is very short and obliges to repeat the treatment periodically. They are only applied in strategic locations such as parks, hospital gardens, schools or cemeteries. They are also applied in times of very high risk of autochthonous transmission of diseases when a person comes from the tropic infected by a disease that could be transmitted by the tiger mosquito.

The best measure of prevention is, therefore, to eliminate their breeding sites.