Pequeños como un céntimo (Autor dibujo: José Luís Ordóñez, CREAF)

Small like a one cent coin (Credit: José Luís Ordóñez, CREAF)

There are three basic details in which you need to pay attention if you want to differentiate a tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) from a yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti). With the naked eye both Aedes are small like a one euro cent coin and they have lines on their legs and abdomen, but there some helpful tips to differentiate them.

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1- Shape of the thorax lines

Yellow fever mosquito have 4 lines of white scales in a shape of a lyre on the dorsal side of the thorax, two of them are bold and the two others are thin.

Tiger mosquito has one single white scale on the top of the thorax, drawing a straight line covering its head.

2 – The colour

The yellow fever mosquito is dark brown.

The tiger mosquito is black.

3 – The scales of the abdomen

The yellow fever mosquito has one perpendicular white scale in every single segment of the abdomen, ending with a white spot on the lateral sides.

The tiger mosquito has one similar scale but thinner, with triangular spots on the laterals.


Los diferentes dibujos del tórax. Dibujo: José Luís Ordóñez, CREAF

Thorax drawings: Left: tiger mosquito; right: yellow fever mosquito. Credits: José Luís Ordóñez, CREAF

Las líneas en el abdomen. Dibujo: José Luís Ordóñez, CREAF

Abdomen. Left: tiger mosquito; right: yellow fever mosquito. Credits: José Luís Ordóñez, CREAF













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