Generally speaking, tiger mosquito bites often provoke greater irritation than those of other mosquitos, particularly after the first bites. It is common that the affected area of the skin turns red and swells. The itchiness and pain can be reduced by using products available at the pharmacy. Applying ice wrapped in a towel also helps since coldness reduces inflammation and itchiness. The golden rule is to never scratch the bite because this causes a greater reaction and worsens the situation (we know that this is easier said than done!). Some people are more sensitive than others and may have stronger reactions. If you have more questions or the bites only worsen, consult your pharmacist or doctor.

To prevent being bitten, use mosquito nets or screens. Repellents can also be used but ask your pharmacist about their use and carefully follow the instructions for use. Also, eliminate any containers around your house that could serve as breeding sites.