This information is used for planning and applying control measures and for managing the problem. For example, in 2014 the arrival of the tiger mosquito to Andalusia was confirmed for the first time thanks to citizen data sent with the Mosquito Alert app. After receiving these sightings, Mosquito Alert team informed the Department of Animal Pathology of the University of Zaragoza which leads nationwide monitoring of the species and this entity decided to set traps at various locations in Andalusia, areas which had otherwise not been planned monitoring sites.

When public administrations acquire knowledge that the species has been discovered in a new area they can begin to implement monitoring and control programs, including public awareness campaigns, the execution of preventative and/or corrective measures, and other actions to control the vector. Also, public health protocols may be activated, helping to prevent further risks in the case of infection with a disease such as dengue, Chikungunya, or Zika.