Citizen participation complements scientific and management work

With the app Mosquito Alert anyone can send observations of tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito or breeding places in urban space. This information is key to generating a participatory alert system to improve the management of this species and minimize the risk of disease transmission.

These photos will be part of a common database that will be used for the investigation, monitoring and control of the tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito. For example, we are investigating how citizen data can help to improve predictions about the presence and expansion of these two mosquitoes in Spain.

Nowadays this system of obtaining information receives the name of massive data or Big Data. On the one hand, this complements the work of many scientists and entomologists who study the distribution and dynamics of expansion of these invasive species, and make it possible to have valuable information for decision making. In fact, a recent study showed that the scientific quality of citizen data is very similar to traditional scientific data.

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We propose to reduce the population of mosquito tiger and eliminate the maximum number of breeding sites in your neighborhood. In Mosquito Alert we have many tricks that will make it easier. Follow the steps:

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Download the Mosquito Alert app and if you see a tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito or their breeding sites send a photo.