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All tiger mosquito findings with photos and breeding sites in the public area are validated by the team of expert entomologists from Mosquito Alert. Once validated, these observations appear on the map with their result. From this interface, you can see and analyze all the observations received from 2014 until today using the functional tools.

  • Type of mosquito: shows findings of possible tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito or other species.
  • Breeding sites: shows findings of possible breeding sites (scuppers on public roads), with and without water.
  • Distribution of participants: The darker boxes indicate that there are more people with the app installed or that there are users who have been a long time with the app on their mobile.
  • Temporary filter: Select the year and months that you want to see on the map.
  • Login: private area for managers of the public administration.
  • Predictive model: we have developed a model that predicts the probability of the presence of tiger mosquitoes in areas of Spain where there are participants with the Mosquito Alert app installed. > Learn more about the model

You can also help validate photos with the citizen validation system.

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