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Open science: from values to practice. Building a roadmap for transformative change

From octubre 4, 2018 @ 8:00 am to octubre 5, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Open Science aims to open up the whole research cycle to society, reinforcing the idea of scientific knowledge as a public good. Open Science leverages on new digital technologies and facilitates inclusiveness, openness, participation and collaboration across the globe. It embraces open access to publications, data, codes, methodologies, ethics and integrity, open research evaluation, open educational resources and multi-stakeholder engagement in research. Open Science is implemented in parallel with Responsible Research and Innovation that share some of its goals and are both boosted by different scientific communities, governments and the European Commission.

We will focus on four main streams of Open Science: 1) Open Access, 2) Ethics, Integrity and Reproducibility in Science, 3) Research evaluation and 4) Stakeholder and Citizen engagement. The event itself will be a co-creation experience during dedicated working sessions, to build together specific recommendations with input from all relevant stakeholders.

Our target audience is the scientific community from academia and industry, policymakers and funders, industry, civil society organisations and the education community. The main outcome of this B·Debate will be a call for action on Open Science, with the potential to become a living guide for the implementation of Open Science in Catalonia and Spain. This will include concrete recommendations for different stakeholders, as has been done in the Netherlands or Portugal.


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